Online discussions and comments for Your web site

Dispito is a web service using which you during the 5 minutes of starting the discussion forums or comments under the articles on Your site. The service is FREE of charge.


Discussions are available in all major world languages and gradually add more.

Simple implementation

In less than 5 minutes you have a talk You for Your site. Stači to register and begin discussions to use.

Responsive design

Automatically adapt the content according to whether the discussions are viewing from your pc, tablet, or mobile.

For sites

  • Individual discussions going to lock or completely revenge. You can also set the who in the discussions has access
  • Complete management of the discussions and forums is through the web interface
  • Discussion forums can run on Your domain eg disc.web.com

For the user

  • The user has the possibility to establish their own forums, which itself administruje (blocking users, adding the administrators of the forum, the set of authorized users).
  • Each logged in user has the opportunity to vote on the comments of other users.
  • The user is allowed to insert a comment under the anonymous user, even in the event that the user is logged in.